Meet The Majority

Majority Denim -

Majority Denim is a new fashion brand based in Los Angeles. The styles are designed to fit both genders. The vision and mission are to share a sense of style through community, innovation, and unity. Majority Denim also utilizes all of the resources of our own factory located in Downtown Los Angeles. With over 30 years' experience using high-quality Italian, Japanese, Brazilian and American denim, our team of veteran denim makers are on the path of discovering the 'nu' generation movement and merging it with consistent high-quality and tradition. We don't need to fit in, we stand out.



Design Collaboration -

Creating a partnership through style and community. Majority Denim is building an influencer network that will put the creative design control into the hands of the influencer. This innovation pioneers a new pathway for people without fashion design experience or a manufacturer to produce a new fashion line. This groundbreaking direction will have a major impact on how influencers can add creatively designed merchandise to their brand. 

Creative Social Impact - 

Develop new styles with our team of designers to match the influencer’s own pallet and design concept. The new style and line will be spread across and shared over the influencer’s own network. The best part of the project is that each influencer will be tied to a charity organization of their choice. 



Brand Influencer Representatives -

People from all walks of life that are determined to create and impact social change. Using their own influential reach and personal fashion style, our goal is to be all-inclusive for everybody.