Meet the Majority

The Majority Denim Brand Influencer Program

Are you an artist, creative, or just have an obsession with creative expression?

Our Influencer program is designed for people just like you! We are looking to create and collaborate with people from all walks of life. We encourage our influencers to discover and share their style with their network by designing their collection directly with our Creative Director/Co-Founder Christian K!

Program Overview:

We are creating a partnership through style and community.  Majority Denim is building a representative network that will put the creative and design control into the hands of the influencer.


Brand Influencer Program Goals:

  • Allowing program members to design and create their own style with Majority Denim creatives to share with their network
  • Building partnerships with program members to innovate and insert Majority Denim into their respective markets organically
  • This is a long lasting campaign that is designed to show the importance of commitment, partnership with an emphasis on innovation and creativity
  • The measurement of success will be dictated by the demand for more eclectic styles
  • We are striving to get our brand recognition through a micro-influential network, to develop new trends and styles through the majority

The Strategy:

  • Develop new styles with Majority Denim designers to the influencer's own palette. Share this styles with the influencer's social network
  • Share the Majority Denim brand with people in similar industries or those that might have a special interest
  • Brand Influencers will be able to create their styles from a vastly creative platform

Social Media Plan:

Brand influencers are expected to be the premiere external story tellers on their social media platforms. They should be promoting not only the brand, but the styles that they’ve created themselves to share with their network:

    • At least 3 posts a month
    • Posting photos of Majority Denim items, or anything associated directly to Majority Denim


Recruitment Criteria:

  • We are searching for a diverse group of representatives, from every walk of life.
  • Applications can be submitted upon request
  • We are searching for those that are pumped about the brand. Those that are pumped about creating a collaborative style. Those that are eager to promote Majority Denim as an addition to their lifestyles
  • Those that are committed to being true representatives of Majority Denim


Apply today! 

Simply visit this link and submit your application