What Does Our Logo Mean? A Look at Circles

What Do Circles Mean Throughout History?

Circles have been a thought provoking shape throughout history. Many different cultures have used the circle to represent aspects of their reality. What historical significance of circles do you know?

Infinity - The circle has no sharp edges or sides. It also has no clear beginning or end. For these reasons, it has been used as a symbol of infinity and eternity in several different civilizations. You can also see this in the symbol of the circle of life, where creatures continuously are born and die.

Perfection/Wholeness - The circle has long been considered a symbol of perfection or wholeness. Greek scholar, Proclus, called the circle, "The first, simplest and most perfect form.” Because of its association with the infinite, it's also associated with wholeness and perfection. It's also been said that a perfect circle can't exist outside mathematics. 

Movement - The shapes of wheels are of course also circular, but the shape of circles tend to imply movement as well. You can see the shape of circles in signs on the street, in mazes, and in gears.

Nature - There are quite a few circles seen in nature. For example, sometimes mushrooms will group together in a circular pattern that most people call "fairy rings." There's also crop circles, droplets of water, and wind patterns. Even the sun and moon can appear to look like circles from our perspective.

Zero - The circle is similar to the number zero, an even number that is the neutral borderline between the negative and positive numbers. In this way, the circle symbolizes a balance between positive and negative

What Do Circles Mean to Majority Denim?

At Majority Denim, our circle can mean many things. Unlike the circles in math, our circles are quite a bit different. For one, the wobbly line of our circle represents a work in progress. We're all learning and growing every day.

Each of us also has our own circle of influence, whether it be with our friends, families, co-workers, or students. We can form larger circles by connecting with new people. We can even link circles and create a chain of different networks for people to connect with. When we partner with artists and local businesses, we're trying to expand our Majority circle.

We all want to find connection from somewhere. Why not join the Majority?

What circles are you a part of? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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