What Does It Mean To Join the Majority?

Forming a Majority

What does it really mean to "join the majority?" At Majority Denim, we are forming a community of people who love the creative space of LA and want to see it thrive. For a long time, swimming against the current was the only way to stick out in the world, but our team is all about forming a new majority. One that cares for artists, the community, and the environment. From LA to our stores located across the globe, here are 5 ways we're changing what fashion means.

1. Collaborating with Artists

There's a surplus of artists, designers, networkers, and creatives in our very neighborhood. But we hardly ever see the cross-section of these different forms of art and community. If you'd like to check out our pieces we've made with local artists, be sure to check out our Custom Collections page. There you can find information on each collaborator. 

We've partnered with singers, song-writers, networkers, local influencers, actors, and more.

Do you want to be an artist collaborator? Email us at team@majoritydenim.com.

2. More Than Just Clothes

Majority Denim is all about making clothes that are fit for both genders. With denim, it's possible to throw out the norm and go with a completely new fit. We strive to make clothes that are comfortable and fashionable. And we love that our staple pieces let people show their true style and flare, while our custom pieces showcase the amazing local community we partner with.

Give us a shout-out in the comments below: what's your favorite piece on our website?

3. Supporting Local - Supporting Ethical

Majority Denim is a family of local LA-dwellers who want to make the world a better place with ethical fashion.

So many clothing stores outsource their fabrics and textile labor. Majority Denim is proud to host clothes made in the USA. We work in close proximity to our designers, factory workers, models, and marketers. We also partner with local dying companies. This unique collaboration is hardly ever seen in any other company. 

Not only are our clothes made locally, but we also strive to make staple pieces. Staple pieces mean less clothes waste and better care for the environment. So many of our pieces can be worn for multiple occasions and paired with any other garment for different seasons. Better for your closet, better for the environment! 

4. Forming Relationships with Ambassadors

Recently, we've formed an ambassador program with local models and other artists in the area. It's been so helpful to have live feedback on our newest styles. But it's also been great to form real connections with social media influencers. 

Are you interested in modeling with us or becoming one of our ambassadors?

Email us at team@majoritydenim.com!

5. Connecting with the Community

Although Majority Denim does not have its own storefront, we are passionate about joining local market areas and pop-ups in the community. We love sitting beside other artists and seeing what creative projects are happening in the LA community. Art doesn't happen in a vacuum. Seeing other creatives is both encouraging and inspiring. 

Be sure to follow our Instagram page @majoritydenim to keep updated on all of our pop-up events coming soon!

Know any great pop-ups you'd love to see us at? Comment below!


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